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Chinchadi Lehyam

Chinchadi Lehyam is a semi-solid Ayurvedic medicine which is prepared with addition of jaggery, sugar or sugar-candy and boiled with prescribed juices or decoction. These preparations contain protein, minerals and vitamins that helps to improve overall health.

Chinchadi Lehyam is suitable for persons suffering from general weakness, low weight, low appetite and children. It is a health tonic suitable for gaining immunity from recurrent infections and weight.

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Shatavari Guda

Shatavari Guda is a semi solid preparation of drugs, prepared with the addition of jaggery, sugar or sugar candy. Shatavari Guda benefits in gynecological conditions. It relieves painful periods (dysmenorrhea), improves ovarian functions, enhances ovulation, and strengthens the uterus. It is also used in menorrhagia (heavy or prolonged periods), burning sensation in the stomach, dysuria (difficult micturition), bleeding disorders, jaundice, and anemia. It is helpful as supportive medicine in gonorrhea. The important medicinal uses of Shatavari Guda are attributed to its strengthening, anti-inflammatory, estrogenic, hematinic and antioxidant actions.

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Manibhadra Guda

Manibhadra Guda is a lehya, a semisolid preparation of drugs prepared with the addition of jaggery, sugar or sugar candy. It is named after a Yaksha Manibhadra who formulated it. Manibhadra Guda is used in Kushta (Skin diseases), Switra (Vitiligo), Swasa (Asthma), Kasa (Cough), Udara (Abdominal diseases), Arshas (piles), Meha, Pleeha (Splenomegaly), Krimi, Gulma (Tumors).

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