Amazing Benefits of Pista

Wonderfully delicious pista nuts have long been revered as the symbol of wellness and robust health since ancient times. The kernels are enriched with many health-benefiting nutrients essential for optimum health.




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Pistachios contain fewer calories and more potassium and vitamin K per serving than other nuts. A 1-ounce serving of dry-roasted pistachios contains 160 calories, 6 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and 15 grams of fat, including only 2 grams of saturated fat. It also provides you with 25 percent of the daily value for vitamin B-6, 15 percent of the daily value for thiamine and phosphorus and 10 percent of the daily value for magnesium.


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Pistachios’ Health Benefits — 

Balances Cholesterol Level

  • Eating pistachios regularly in the diet reduces the bad cholesterol level (LDL) and increases the good cholesterol level (HDL) thus prevents from variety of heart diseases.


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Reduces Risk of Heart Disorders

  • It is the rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid), antioxidants which helps in maintaining healthy blood lipid profile and preventing from the coronary artery disease, strokes and other cardio vascular diseases.
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Keeps BP under Control

  • Its low sodium level and high potassium level helps in maintaining the blood pressure under control thus keeps the heart healthy.
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Keeps Blood Glucose Level under Control

  • Phosphorous involves in breaking down the big protein molecules into smaller amino acids thus prevents from the glucose intolerance or hyperglycemia (high blood glucose level).
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Enhances Haemoglobin Count

  • Its high quantity vitamin B6 helps in increasing the oxygen quantity of blood as well as haemoglobin count thus prevents form the anaemia.
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Keeps Nervous System Healthy

  • High level of the vitamin B6 availability in it makes the nervous system healthy and fit by producing required amino acids and promoting proper nerve impulses transmission.
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Sharpens Eye Vision

  • It helps in preventing from the age related macular degeneration and maintains the proper eye vision by fighting with the free radicals.

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Boosts Body Immunity

  • It is the highest source of the vitamin B6 which boosts up the immune system health by enhancing the hemoglobin count and oxygen rich blood supply to the body organs.
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Provides Better Nourishment to Brain

  • It increases the blood count and oxygen supply to the brain which helps brain to grow and develop better.




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Prevents from Infection

  • It prevents various body organs from infections by enhancing the oxygen and hemoglobin rich blood supply to the organs like spleen, liver, thymus and etc.
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Makes Skin Healthy

  • It is the richest source of the vitamin E and antioxidants which are very necessary to maintain the natural health of the skin.
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Prevents from Skin Problems

  • It provides better nourishment to the cell membranes of the skin and protects from the UV rays thus prevents from various skin diseases like skin cancer and sunburns.


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Prevents from Wrinkles

  • It nourishes the skin and makes it wrinkles free and look rejuvenates.


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Prevents Skin from Dryness —

  • Oil found in it acts as an emollient which naturally moisturizes the skin and prevents from getting dry.


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Hydrates Skin

  • It helps in hydrating the skin which smoothens the skin and makes it silky and glowing.


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Loaded with Essential Nutrients

  • It is packed with B group and other vitamins including folates which are very necessary for healthy skin.


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Delays Early Ageing

  • Its high level of vitamin E and antioxidants availability provides ability to the body to fight with the early ageing processes by neutralizing free radicals.


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Provides Glow to Skin

  • Its essential fatty acids help in providing the skin glowing complexion and radiant look.
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Promotes Hair Growth

  • It naturally stimulates the hair growth as it contains fatty acids required for hair development.
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Nourishes Hair Follicles

  • It strengthens the hair strands as well as increases the hair flexibility by nourishing and moisturizing hair follicles.


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Treats Split Hair Ends

  • It is best treatment and used as home remedy for treating the split hair ends.


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Reduces Hair Loss

  • Its biotin availability provides help to fight with the hair loss if consumed on regular basis.
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Keeps Stomach Full

  • It is the rich source of dietary fibers, proteins, calorie and fatty acids which makes the stomach feel fuller for long time thus involves in managing weight.


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Burns Calories

  • It also involves in fighting obesity by burning extra and bad body fats and makes body healthy body through muscle building.
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Promotes Proper Digestion

  • Its high level of the dietary fibers takes part in the proper food digestion and strengthens the intestines.




Beneficial for Mother and Baby

  • It has iron and vitamin B6 which involves in the maintenance of hemoglobin count and oxygen rich blood supply to the body thus protects pregnant women from early pregnancy problems like nausea, morning sickness and anemia.
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Promotes Better Growth and Development

  • Pista is a very energetic dry fruit having good fat, high protein level, vitamins, minerals, iron, folates and antioxidants which provides most essential nutrients for the healthy growth and development of the kids.
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Regularize Bowel Movements

  • Pista is a good source of the dietary fibers thus eating it on regular basis regularizes the colon functioning and proper bowel movement.


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Relieves Inflammation

  • Pista’s anti-inflammatory property and availability of the vitamin A and E help in reducing the whole body inflammation because of any problem.


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Disadvantages, Side Effects and Precautions of Pista– 

Eating pistachio over limit may cause some severe health problems and food poisoning. It may add some extra weight if eaten irregularly. Some of the disadvantages, side effects and precautions of it are mentioned below:

  • It may cause allergy to some people because of the anacardic acid (urushiol) availability. Some of the symptoms of allergy are skin itching, abdominal pain, breathing difficulty, headache, vomiting, diarrhea and etc.
  • Eating too many nuts a day may cause side effects like weight gain, increased blood pressure, gastrointestinal problem and etc.
  • Salted or sweetened pistachio may cause problem to the person with heart disease or diabetes as it increases the level of sodium and glucose in the blood.
  • It contains a compound called fructan which is not dangerous however may cause some digestive system problems like constipation, bloating, diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal cramps and etc is eaten over limit.


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