Aruchi (Anorexia/ Loss of Appetite)

Aruchi (Anorexia/ Loss of appetite) occurs due to the gastritis or infection of the digestive tract (H.Pylori) and disorders such as Gastroenteritis & obstruction of the digestive tract.

Conditions —

  • Look for any drug history of anti TB drugs, anti Hypertensives, certain cardiac drugs like digitalis, which can produce anorexia.
  • Depression can cause lack of desire for food.
  • In children– Worm infestation
  • In Female — Pregnancy
  • Always take psychiatric history, sleep pattern, hotel food intake etc., into consideration.
  • Take the history of Alcoholism, tobacco, and smoking.
  • In adults more than 50 years of age with persistent anorexia and weight loss think about CA.
  • If there is evening rise of temperature with weight loss or cough it may be TB.
  • In Acute origin with progressive anorexia, think of Hepatitis or it will develop after a few days
  • Look for Anemia.

The Diagnosis —

  1. Examine the patient in clear sunlight to rule out Jaundice and Anemia
  2. Rule out Pulmonary TB by taking chest X ray, Hb, TC,DC,ESR, CRP and Gold feron TB + Hepatitis B test.

Treatment Principle —

  1. Vrana Ropana Chikitsa
  2. Tikta Kashaya rasa pradhana oushadhas
  3. In Later phase, Tikta Madhura Rasa
  4. In Chronic ulcers, there will be Anorexia. So, in order to improve the Agni, never select Katu Rasa but select only tikta rasa. Katu Rasa may worsen the problem. Katu Rasa drugs should be only selected when there is non ulcer dyspepsia.

Treatment for Mandagni in Children —

Kashayam —

  1. Tiktaka Kashayam
  2. Mahatiktaka Kashayam
  3. Guduchyadi Kashayam
  4. Indukanta Kashayam

Churna — (For non ulcer dyspepsia in children)

  1. Ashta Churna

Gulika —

  1. Talisapathradi Vatakam
  2. Hinguvachadi Gulika
  3. Dhanvantara Gulika
  4. Bhuktanjari Gulika
  5. Pulinkuzhambhu Gulika

Lehyam —

  1. Nayopayam Lehyam
  2. Parushakadi lehyam
  3. Drakshadi Lehyam
  4. Vilvadi Lehyam

Arishtam —

  1. Jirakarishtam
  2. Abhayarishtam
  3. Putikaranjasavam


  1. Water processed with ginger and coriander for drinking purposes.

For Modern drugs causing indigestion —


  1. Amrithothara Kashayam
  2. Guduchyadi kashayam
  3. Tiktaka Kashayam
  4. Maha tiktaka Kashayam

Gulika —

  1. Dushi vishari agada tablet

Lehyam —

  1. Drakshadi Lehyam

Reference —

Principles & Practice of Ayurvedic medicine.

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