Vasa chandanadi taila

Vasa Chandanadi Taila has been prescribed by the great theorist Krishna Aatreya. It promotes the strength and beauty of the body and develops digestive power.

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Dhanvantara Taila

Dhanvantara Taila is an ayurvedic taila formulation which is used to treat Vata Rogas , Sutika Roga (In pregnancy related problems), Bala Roga (problems related to children), Marma, Asthi Kshata (Spondylosis), Jwara (Fever), Gulma (Tumors), Unmada, Mutraghata, Antra vriddhi, Yoni roga, Kshaya.

Dhanvantara taila helps in pacifying Vata Aggravation and acts as a nervine tonic, neuro protective, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic and Anti-paralytic. The oral intake can help to treat a wide range of neurological disorders and diseases of the musculo skeletal system. Its internal use acts on the nerves, muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and connective tissues.

Its external application provides a sense of relief in pain, numbness, and swelling. It provides strength to the muscles and joints.

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Suddha Bala Thailam

Suddha Bala Thailam is an ayurvedic taila formation which is used to treat neurological conditions. It helps restore the motor and sensory functions of the brain and improves the blood circulation. Suddha Bala thailam helps reduce the progress of the conditon by strengthening the muscles and nerves.

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Ksheerabala Taila

Ksheerabala Taila is an ayurvedic taila formulation which is used to treat 80 types of Vata roga (All the disorders caused due to the imbalance of Vata).

Ksheerabala Taila gives relief from inflammation, pain and stiffness caused in the musculoskeletal system, it helps repair the damaged tissue and provides nourishment to the brain, nerves and the spinal structures.

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Ksheerabala Avartana Taila

Ksheerabala Avartana Taila is an ayurvedic taila formulation which is used to treat Vatarakta (Gouty arthritis), Vata Roga (All the disorders caused by imbalance of Vata). It is Indriya Prasadaka, Brihmana, Swarya (helps tone the voice), Sukra dosha, Asrik dosha (abnormalities of blood), Kupita marga shodhaka, Snehana (helps in oleation) and Rakta Prasadaka.

In Vata predominantly vitiated state the best line of treatment is Snehana, Swedana followed by Adhyavata or Vata Rakta treatment and then administer Ksheerabala Avartana Taila.

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