Chardi (Vomiting)

Forceful contraction of the stomach that propels its contents upto the oesophagus and throws it out of the mouth. It can be a one-time event linked to something that doesn’t settle right in the stomach. Recurrent vomiting may be caused by underlying medical conditions.

  • Vomiting can be from GI.But it can be from other systemic disorders too.
  • Chardi is a lakshana seen in many disorders.
  • While you ask about vomiting duration, associated symptoms like fever, diarrhoea, pain in abdomen, headache & weight loss and also about relation with food.
  • Know the cause of vomiting, whether it is due to ingestion or food poisoning.
  • When somebody vomits immediately after food, it can be Gastritis or peptic ulcer disease.
  • Jaundice must always be kept in mind.
  • Young child may come with green coloured bilious vomit and abdominal pain. Intestinal Obstruction can be suspected if the patient is vomiting bile with pain. Suspect intestinal obstruction and refer to a surgeon immediately.
  • Vomiting with abdominal pain and fever will be seen in Gastroenteritis, Urinary tract infections, acute appendicitis, hepatitis, uraemia etc.,
  • Vomiting with severe headache is seen in migraine, Increased intracranial pressure, meningitis, hemorrhagic stroke, very severe hypertension, some form of epilepsy and glaucoma.
  • In young children with vomiting, headache, fever, and neck stiffness suspect meningitis (Kerning’s sign)
  • If there is vertigo, tinnitus, deafness associated with vomiting, think about meneirs disease.
  • If bile is vomited, then it may be Pyloric stenosis.
  • In Bulimia, the patient will vomit whatever has been eaten.
  • Projectile vomiting is common in Pancreatitis.
  • Cholelithiasis, Cholecystitis are the causes of vomiting from gall bladder.


  • Liver Function Test
  • Amylase, Lipase
  • USG Abdomen pelvis
  • CT Abdomen with contrast
  • Endoscopy can rule out these conditions.

Treatment —

  • Agni dipana
  • Vata Anulomana
  • Ama Pachana

Kashayam —

  • Bilwadi kashayam
  • Nayopayam kashayam
  • Balajirakadi Kashayam
  • Laja Phanita kashayam
  • Chardinigraha gana kashayam

Paniyam —

  • Lajadi Phanta: Take 100gm of Laja, powder it. Add ginger & cardamom 3 gm each and 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Add 500ml of boiling water. Keep it for 20 minutes, macerate, filter and consume (Muhur Muhur prayogam)

Gulika —

Second Phase

Lehyam —

Rasa Oushadham —

  • Kamadugha Rasa
  • Shankha Bhasmam
  • Mayurapiccha Bhasma

Reference —

Principles and practice of Ayurvedic clinical medicine

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