Curd consumption

Curd at nighttime – Ayurveda explains curd as having sour mixed sweet property and it increase Kapha dosha within the body. The mucous secretion generation is also attributed to the effect of Kapha.

Throughout night, there’s natural predominance of Kapha within the body. So, curd consumption at nighttime will further increase kapha resulting in many complications.

This is quite the same as exposing yourself to hot Sun within the afternoon hours, that isn’t suggested, because, afternoon period is pitta predominant and sun exposure also increases pitta.

Qualities of curds in keeping with Ayurveda:

Curds advantages are explained as follows –

अम्ल पाक रसं ग्राहि गुरु उष्णं दधि वाताजित|
मेद शुक्र बल श्लेष्म पित्त रक्त अग्नि शोफ कृत ||

Curds is Amla (sour) in taste, Ushnam (hot) in potency, is Guru (heavy) to digest. It increases meda(fat), Bala (strength) Shukra, kapha, pitta, Agni (digestive power) and Shopha krut (causes swelling or inflammation)

नैवाद्या निशि नैवोष्णं वसन्त उष्ण शरत्सु न|
Sour curd shouldn’t be consumed by making it hot (ushna).
Curds shouldn’t be consumed during night (nishi),
It ought to also not be consumed during Vasanta and Sharad seasons.
Sour curds mixed with soup of mung, honey, ghee, sugar and amalaki is useful in relieving difficulty in urination and dyspepsia.

Avoid consuming curd at nighttime. As night is Kapha predominant period. So consuming curd at nighttime is best avoided. Curd also increases pitta. Hence, taking it at nighttime may cause dyspepsia problem.
If you’re accustomed to take curd at nighttime, mix little pinch of pepper powder to curds and consume. you’ll also try adding fenugreek powder if you can tolerate a small tinge of bitterness. (But this very good combination will relieve all kinds of stomach pain generated as a result of indigestion).

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