Depression according to me is a subjective experience where everyone has their own story to tell. It’s intriguing that you never know what next they are holding on to and what for.

You feel a void resulting in losing purpose in life , it is a constant struggle of moving ahead in life and wanting to end it.

So much for the description., Let us see how Depression is getting affected, reason, and how to handle it.


Among the terrible mental disorders, depression takes lion’s share. Within the world population also 5-6% suffer from depression. The incidence is considerably higher in industrialized countries (10-11%).

Apparently higher the status of education and occupation, higher the life complications, discontentment and expectations concerning life and work result in depression.


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Depression is the reason for several diseases. A positive perspective helps you to achieve untouched heights, a depressed mind brings you a lot diseases, aside from this feeling of negativity.

Here are some mental depression causes –

TV causes depression – tv for long hours may be a known reason behind depression. except for keeping your body inactive, TV forbearance keeps your mind boring and inactive also.

Drinking causes depression – despite the fact that you’re feeling increased and get a cloud-9 feeling as soon as the kick leaves, depressed attacks.

Excessive enjoyment on the web and social networking – gossip, feeling jealous a couple of friend’s new automobile pics on Facebook, compare your performance or status with others, not grab attention or get responses to your booking etc. cause lots of pressure and depression. therefore watch out.

Sleep and depression are interconnected. 200th of individuals with insomnia tend to possess depression. Conversely, individuals with depression suffer from insomnia.

Genetic factor could be a known cause.

Biological causes like imbalance in neurotransmitters (nerves – chemical messengers) – serotonin, acetylcholine, catecholamine etc.

Women and Depression – In girls, the hormones oestrogen and progesterone are involved in depression. this can be also a reason why girls tend to get pre menstrual symptoms.

Age-related depression – dependency, lack of physical strength, ill-natured chronic illnesses, inconspicuous children, caring for the future etc. build aged individuals susceptible to depression.

Comparison with others – as usually compare their lives and status with others; largely neighbors, relatives, classmates or colleagues. If they feel that they’re in any sense inferior to one’s own thinking, he begins to disturb and hate those people or sectors or a bunch of individuals. Ultimately, the jealousy they develop can burn them at any moment.

Reason for depression in Ayurveda: 

  • Ingestion of incompatible food (Viruddhahara)
  • Ingestion of excess Kapha worsening food (Kaphaja Ahara)
  • Foods with heaviness, slowness, cooling (Guru-Manda-Sheeta-Snigdha Ahara)
  • Tamasika Food (food provoking Tamas.)
  • Excessive sleep (Nidradhikya)
  • Sedentary life (Akarmana)
  • Mourning (Arati)
  • Fear (Adhairya / Bhaya), etc.

Depression explanation in Ayurveda:

“Mano avasada” is the term that we find in the ayurvedic literature regarding depression or inferiority. Ayurveda additionally points to certain reasons. Though this particular problem isn’t mentioned under one heading in classical literature, we tend to encounter scattered references of depression in several contexts.

Clinical features of depression:

  • Isolation (Visanga)
  • Loss of concentration (Adheera drishti)
  • Mourning (Arati)
  • Sadness (Apraharsha)
  • Reduced workability (Karma hani)
  • Weeping spells,
  • Suicide thoughts etc.

Lifestyle Tips for Depression:

Wake up in the early morning hours. Early in the morning are dominated by Vata, that elevates your mood level and keeps you motivated and energized all day

Exercise – Exercise not only builds your body however also will increase mood and confidence. a minimum of ten minutes of walking, jogging, outdoor games with kids ought to be adequate.

Hobbies – Hobby could be a good way to distract your attention from depression and open your artistic mind.

Friend in need – There should be somebody in your family or circle of friends who totally understands and motivates you to speak with him / her daily and find motivation and emotional support.

Eating habits – include a range of fruits and vegetables. Avoid excess salt and highly flavoured foods
Have a lot of apricots, potatoes, broccoli, melon, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, peaches, pumpkin, spinach, sweet potato ,grapes , oranges, nuts and vegetable oils.

Line of treatment for depression: 
First line of treatment begins from the safety and trust building through a series of guidance and solving personal problems. this is often done by talking to the patient and also helps the patient’s relatives to make necessary changes. for instance, if the parents are terribly strict with their son, causing depression in the son, then the parents are suggested to be a little indulgent.
The drugs, that have Deepana (carminative) and Pachana (digestive) properties, are found to be essential for the promotion and improvement of body metabolism.
Cleansing Panchakarma therapies like Purgation (Virechana) and Nasal drops (Nasya) are accepted on the basis of necessity;
Virechana treatment balances pitta and Vata dosha.
Nasya treatment strengthens sense organs and mind
Appropriate medicine are administered – to correct the mood, sleep habits, improve the confidence, etc.

Since the grievance “depression” is annoying to each the person and also the family, immediate attention is to be expected. proper care, consultation with psychiatrists, insurance, carrier tips, health education and care can facilitate the patient recover quickly and forestall unwanted incidents like chronic depression and suicide.

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