Draksharishta or Draksharishtam is a liquid Ayurvedic medicine with dry grapes (raisins) as its main ingredient. It contains 5-10% self-generated alcohol that helps deliver water and alcohol-soluble herbs to the body. It is used in the treatment of a cough, asthma, phthisis, physical weakness, insomnia, vertigo associated with weakness, anorexia nervosa, constipation, loss of appetite, and headache. It provides overall strength to the body and is a good remedy to cure weakness after a chronic disease.

The Reference —

द्राक्षातुलार्धं द्विद्रोणी जलस्य विपचेत्सुधीः |
पादशेषे कषाये च पूते शीते विनिक्षिपेत् ||
गुडस्य द्वितुलां तत्र त्वगेलापत्रकेसरं |
प्रियंगुं मरिचं कृष्णां विडगं चेति चूर्णयेत् ||
पृथक् पलोन्मितैर्भागैः घृतभाण्डे निधापयेत् | 
समन्ततो घट्टयित्वा ततो जातरसं पिबेत् ||
उरःक्षतं क्षयं हन्ति कासश्वासगलामयान् |
द्राक्षारिष्टाहव्यः प्रोक्तो बलकृन्मलशोधनः ||

drākṣātulārdhaṁ dvidrōṇī jalasya vipacētsudhīḥ |
pādaśēṣē kaṣāyē ca pūtē śītē vinikṣipēt ||
guḍasya dvitulāṁ tatra tvagēlāpatrakēsaraṁ |
priyaṅguṁ maricaṁ kr̥ṣṇāṁ viḍagaṁ cēti cūrṇayēt ||
pr̥thak palōnmitairbhāgaiḥ ghr̥tabhāṇḍē nidhāpayēt | 
samantatō ghaṭṭayitvā tatō jātarasaṁ pibēt ||
uraḥkṣataṁ kṣayaṁ hanti kāsaśvāsagalāmayān |
drākṣāriṣṭāhavyaḥ prōktō balakr̥nmalaśōdhanaḥ ||

The Contents — 

  • Draksha — Vitis vinfera
  • Jala
  • Guda
  • Twak — Cinnamomum Zeylanicum
  • Ela — Elettaria cardamomum
  • Patra — Cinnamomum tamala
  • Kesara — Mesua Ferrea
  • Priyangu — Callicarpa macrophylla
  • Krishna Maricha — Piper nigrum
  • Vidanga — Embelia ribes

Actions & Indications —

  • Urahkshata
  • Kshaya
  • Kasa
  • Swasa
  • Gala Roga
  • Balya
  • Malasodhaka

Draksharishta Benefits & Uses

Loss of Appetite & Anorexia Nervosa

Draksharishta stimulates the appetite and helps to digest the food. It is mainly beneficial when the patient has decreased the desire to eat. It improves the desire to eat, makes a person feel hungry and helps in the management of loss of appetite as well as anorexia nervosa.

Physical Weakness

Draksharishta has alterative action, so it helps to restore the optimum health. It increases endurance and improves physical strength. It can be used after fever or other diseases in which patient has debility and feel exhaustion.


Draksha in Draksharishta has mild laxative action. This formulation also stimulates the liver to release the bile into the intestine, which induces peristaltic movements and eases in bowel movement.


Drakasharishta has antioxidant properties. It scavenges free radicals generated in the body and prevents premature ageing.


Draksharishta acts as an adaptogenic medicine. Adaptogens are herbal formulations that work to counteract the effects of stress in the body. Stress causes very real physical changes in the body, including harming the neurological, endocrine, and immune systems. Adaptogens have stimulant properties that help counteract these harmful effects.


Draksharishta is a cardio protective medicine i.e. it serves to protect the heart or coronary arteries from injury, disease, or malfunction.

Improve Immunity

Antioxidants and Vitamin C present in this Ayurvedic medicine prevent allergic disorders and improve the immune system. By modulating the response of the immune system, Draksharishta is particularly helpful in diseases like dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, psoriasis, and eczema. Draksharishta effectively deals with digestive issues thereby strengthening the immune system.

Treats Respiratory Infections

Its antibiotic and antiviral properties make it good medicine for upper and lower respiratory tract infections. It can be taken for  relieving common cold, sinusitis, blocked nose, sneezing, running nose, bronchitis, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Draksharishta also helps in reducing cough, chest pain, breathlessness and blood in sputum which might be caused due to these diseases. Hence it is  effective as a common cold treatment.

Dosage of Draksharishta

It can be taken once or two times a day mixed with an equal amount of water, usually after food.

Although it can be taken safely for a duration of 4 months. Make sure to consult a doctor before including it in your regime.

  • Dosage for children — 5 to 10 ml
  • Dosage for adults — 10 to 20 ml per day
  • For treating Anorexia — 10 to 20 ml of Draksharishta twice daily with an equal amount of water after meals.
  • For treating Respiratory diseases — 12-24 ml of Draksharishta once or twice a day after meals.

Side effects of Draksharishta —

  • Gastric issues — overdosage may lead to gastric issues like acid reflux, abdominal discomfort, vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, and burning sensation.
  • Contraindicated in Diabetes — Draksharishta contains jaggery in considerable amounts. Diabetic patients should avoid this tonic due to the high amount of jaggery tantamount to the sweetness in the composition.

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