Ghee: The golden nutrient-rich food

When my Grandmother used to make Ghee from the butter there would fragrance emanating from the kitchen. I would know that today there is going to be a treat.

In Mangalore where I was born Ghee was an ingredient which was there is every household be it poor or rich person. During childhood my lunch was not complete with a dollop of ghee on the rice. It was a mandatory rule that Grandma had made which became a habit.

Ghee, perhaps the most sacred spiritual in human beings has been well known until now. Ghee is one of the nutritional components that can always be consumed.

Ghee is very similar to the milk qualities but, unlike milk, ghee, and improve digestion.

Benefits of Ghee: 

• Can be taken by the Old, children and weak
• Gives good complexion
• It improves the tone and intensity of voice.
• Gives Nutrition
• Increases immunity, memory, intelligence, and the power of digestion
• Gives wisdom And Longevity
• This will strengthen the sense organs.
• It quickens healing of wounds
• Helps gain weight
• Ghee along with Milk will help relieve dryness of skin, voice etc.,
• Provides an excellent source of Vitamin A and Vitamin K2 (which takes the calcium in to the bones)

So, do not think twice to have a dollop of ghee the next time you eat!!

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