Groundnut: Health Benefits

This time of the year there is Kadlekai Parishe which happens in Bangalore. It is an annual Groundnut fair. This two-day fair is held near the Dodda Ganesha Temple in Basavangudi.

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The legend goes like this:
In the past, Basavangudi was surrounded by villages like Sunkenhalli, Guttahalli, Mavalli, Dasarahalli and other places where groundnut was cultivated. On every full moon day a bull would charge into the groundnut fields and damage the crop. The farmers then offered prayers to Basava (Nandi) to stop this and pledged to offer their first crop.

Subsequently, an Idol of Basava was found close by. It has been said that the Idol was growing rapidly, and the farmers nailed an iron peg on the head of the idol, which is visible in the form of a trishula even to this date. Legend says that the night on which this Kadalekai Parishe used to end, Lord Basavanna – The big Bull, used to come in the animal form and eat up all the groundnut and peels left overnight on the streets.

Groundnut can be eaten either boiled or fried. Known as Badam of the poor is known to have many health benefits.

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Let us find out:

1. Boosts up energy levels – Ground nuts have rich source of minerals, proteins, antioxidants and vitamins which are good for health and boosts up energy levels.
2. Reduces chances of Stomach Cancer – Ground nut has p-coumaric acid, a poly phenolic antioxidant which reduces the chances of stomach cancer.
3. Protects against Heart Diseases, fungal/Viral infections – Ground nut is known to have a polyphenolic compound named resveratrol which protects against heart diseases and fungal/viral infections.
4. Very Nutritious – Ground nut contain Vitamin E which makes it nutritious.

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5. Lowers Bad Cholesterol – Groundnut has a mono saturated fatty acid, Oleic acid which helps in lowering bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol
6. Good for development of body – Groundnut is rich in proteins which help in development and growth of body.
7. Helps fight depression – Groundnut has an amino acid named Tryptophan, which helps increase the serotonin levels and helps in fight depression.
8. Helps in glowing skin – Vitamin E, Manganese and zinc present in groundnut helps in having glowing skin

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9. Helps flush out of excess toxins – The fibre present in Groundnut helps in flushing out the excess toxins.
10. Provides better blood flow to skin – The manganese present in Groundnut helps to calm the nerves, and blood vessels which provide better blood flow to skin.
11. Provides firmness and elasticity to skin – Groundnut has a Vitamin C which is required to produce collagen which helps or is required to sustain tendons, cartilage and skin which in turn provides firmness and elasticity to skin.
12. Treats dry and scaly skin – Groundnuts have omega 3 fatty acids which help hydrates the skin from within and treats the dry and scaly skin.

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13. Promotes Hair growth – the omega 3 fatty acid present in groundnut strengthens the hair follicles to promote hair growth.
14. Helpful in treating male pattern baldness – The amino acid Larginine present in Groundnut is very helpful in treating male pattern baldness.
15. Helps heal wound faster – The beta carotene present in Groundnut gets converted into Vitamin A which helps in the growth of tissues which inturn helps to heal wound faster.
16. Improves the blood circulation in the body – Groundnut has rich source of Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B5 and folates which help improves blood circulation in the body.

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17. Good for the bones – Ground nuts are rich in iron and calcium which is good for the bones
18. Boosts Fertility – As groundnuts are rich in folates it helps boosts fertility.
19. Boosts Memory – the Vitamin B3 present in groundnut helps in boosting memory.

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So, Let us munch on the Groundnut and take all the benefits of it.

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  1. Awesome post doctor !! strange combination of doctor and blogger !! sorry for the anxiety and excitement expressed up here. I never come across with this combination.

    I enjoyed your article and definitely gonna consume a hell lot of ground nuts. thank you for the heads up.

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