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Guava: Benefits

Guava is one of the best fruits and a popular fruit. Guava is the fruit which can be easily found this season.
Guava owing to the nutrients present in the body which are needed for the body is known to have many health benefits.

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Here are the benefits of eating them:

1. It increases immunity – Guava contains Vitamin C helps in strengthens the immune system.


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2. Prevents the growth of tumours – Guava has a phyto nutrient named, Lycopene which has a anti tumour property.

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3. Prevents Cancer – Guava has rich components of antioxidants, flavonoids, and phytonutrients which help in preventing Cancer.

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4. Maintains Blood Pressure – Guava has considerable amount of Potassium which helps maintain Blood pressure.

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5. Helps in anti ageing – Guava has antioxidants which help neutralise the free radicals which in turn help in anti ageing.

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6. Prevents sugar spikes in Diabetics – Due to high fibre content it serves as a natural remedy for diabetics.

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7. Promotes Skin Health – Guava is rich in Vitamin A which helps in promoting skin health.

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8. Prevents Eye infections – The abundance of Vitamin A helps in preventing eye infections.

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9. Improves digestion – Guava has Lycopene and anti oxidants which help in improving digestion.

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10. Increases Blood Count – Guava has Vitamin K and E along with minerals such as Folate, Niacin, copper, Manganese, copper etc., all of this help in increasing blood count.

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11. Removes Black Heads Wet the leaves of Guava and rub them on the face to get rid of black heads.

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12. Reduces Itching – Rub the wet leaves of Guava where it is itching, it helps in reducing it.

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13. Prevents Hair loss – Boil some guava leaves in water for 15 minutes. After it cools down, massage the scalp with this water. You can notice change in a few days.

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14. Minimises Wrinkles – Boil a few guava leaves in water for 15 minutes. Strain the water and cool it. Wash your face with this mixture to minimize wrinkles.

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15. Good for Heart – Guava has sodium and potassium which help in keeping heart healthy.

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16. Helps strengthens Muscles – Guava is rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals which help in strengthening the muscles

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17. Promote Fertility – Guava contains folate which helps in promoting fertility.

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18. Helps in good functioning of Thyroid gland – Guava contains Copper which helps in maintaining the good functioning of thyroid gland.

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19. Helps cleanse the body – Guava is rich in fiber which helps in flushing out the toxins from the body.

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20. Cures Constipation — As it is rich in fiber content it helps cure constipation.

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21. Good remedy to cure Flu – As Guava is rich in Vitamin C it fights off flu causing viruses and increases the immune system.

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22. Cures Scurvy – Vitamin C in Guava helps in curing Scurvy which is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin C.

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23. Gives instant relief in Tooth ache – Guava is very astringent which helps giving a instant relief from tooth ache.

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So why wait!? Bite into that Guava the next time you buy it and enjoy the benefits.

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