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Heavy Periods Ayurvedic Treatment

Heavy periods, menstrual bleeding are because of a lot of physiological and pathological causes. 

Several factors like hormonal imbalance, mental condition, diet and life style contribute to those menstrual problems.

In Ayurvedic texts it’s named as Raktapradara or Asrigdara. ‘Asrik’ means that blood and ‘dara’ refers to excessive flow. Menorrhagia is the term for the prolonged uterine bleeding.

Causative factors for menorrhagia (heavy periods)

  • Excessive fasting – fasting for a really long period of time causes increase of Vata and pitta Doshas.
  • Excess of sexual indulgence – results in Vata Dosha increase
  • Intake of spicy food – results in pitta dosha increase
  • Intake of food containing deep penetrative nature like asafoetida, mustard, garlic etc
  • Heavy physical exercise
  • Stress and tension etc

Symptoms of Asrigdara

The symptoms is divided into four sets based on the Vitiated Dosha

  • Vataja Asrigdara — Frothy bleeding is found with Pain.
  • Pittaja Asrigdara — associated with fever, the bleeding is blackish red and warm
  • Kaphaja asrigdara — viscous, thick, paleness, stable (long lasting) bleeding is observed
  • Sannipataja asrigdara  — it’s associated with syncope and fever and mixed symptoms of all the 3 doshas; it’s very difficult to treat.

Treatment of Asrigdara (Menorrhagia)

  • Stambhana
  • Line of treatment of Raktapitta
  • Cooling treatment and medicines – Sheetala upachara
  • Coolant food and beverages- Sheetala annapana
  • To arrest the bleeding, the medicines with Kashaya rasa (astringent property) are well advised.

Single drugs useful in Menorrhagia (Asrigdara):

The below herbs are not solely useful in stopping the bleeding, these also facilitate in balancing pitta Dosha and detoxifying of Rakta Dhatu (blood tissue)

  • Draksha
  • Chandana
  • Usheera
  • Doorva
  • Lajjalu
  • Daruharidra
  • Kutaja
  • Shatavari

Ayurvedic medicines for Menorrhagia (heavy periods) –

  • Pushyanuga choorna – utilized in the treating bleeding disorders
  • Usheerasava – utilized in treating bleeding disorders like heavy menstrual bleeding, skin diseases.
  • Chandanasava – utilized in the treatment of spermatorrhoea.
  • Lodhrasava – used as natural remedy for anemia and bleeding disorders
  • Ashokarishta – utilized in Ayurveda treatments for several diseases like Pain menses, heavy periods, fever,
  • Shatavari guda – widely utilized in the treatment of gynecological conditions, useful in establishing hormonal balance.

Wholesome diet and habits suggested in Rakta pradara

Following medication and substances are considered to be, wholesome for the patients affected by raktapradara (menorrhagia):

Unwholesome diet and habits:

  • Katu-amla-lavana ahara (pungent-sour and salty food)
  • Matsya (fish)
  • Tila (sesame)
  • Sour Dadhi (curd)
  • Lashuna (garlic)
  • Kulattha (horse gram) and
  • Masha (black gram)

Any disorder be it bleeding or any other makes the patient panic and helpless. That too once the patient gets the complaint like menorrhagia for long period of time, the women will be worried and health is further deteriorated. thus consulting your doctor in early stages can help to a great extent.

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