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Honey: Qualities, Usage, Remedies, Ayurvedic advantages

There are lot several health advantages of honey.

Here are the qualities of honey explained in Sushruta Samhita :

  • Agnideepanam – Improves appetite and digestive fire
  • Varnyam – Improves complexion of skin
  • Shodhanam ropanam – cleanses and heals wounds – these 2 are the skin benefits of honey.
  • Chakshushyam – good for eyes
  • Lekhanam – scrapes the inner side of the channels
  • Hrudya – good for heart
  • Sookshma marganusari – Penetrates deep into body channels
  • Vishaprashamanam — Natural detox agent
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Useful in

  • Hidhma – hiccup
  • Kushta – skin diseases
  • Krumi – worm infestation
  • Chardi – emesis
  • Shwasa – dyspnea, chronic respiratory diseases
  • Kasa – cough, cold
  • Atisaradiarrhea
  • Vrana shodhana – cleanses wounds
  • Vrana sandhana, ropana – heals wound quickly
  • Vatala – will increase Vata
  • Ruksha – dry
  • Kashaya, Madhura – astringent and sweet
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Honey generally is the aggravator of Vata, heavy, cold in efficiency and detoxifies blood, pitta as well as Kapha. It promotes healing and depletion.

Honey ought to be taken in little quantity as a result of it’s heavy, unctuous, astringent in taste and cold in efficiency.

How much honey can be consumed in a day? Ayurveda recommends usage of upto 4-5 teaspoons of honey, per day. this is often the maximum limit per day, for an adult.

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Here are eight such excellent reasons which ought to compel you to use honey at home: 

1. Honey in wound healing – it’s a wonderful wound healer. Apply a thin layer of honey it helps in quick wound healing.
2. For sore throat – Honey with a pinch of turmeric / ginger can heal the sore throat.
3. Honey acts as a vehicle (Yogavahi) to different food articles/ herbal supplements like Talisadi Churnam, Triphala churnam, Sitopaladi Churnam, etc.
4. Honey in Ayurveda medication – several Ayurvedic herbal jams like Chyawanprash contain honey as a vital ingredient. It acts as a preservative aside from acting as a vehicle to the herbal ingredients.
5. Honey fat loss – Honey, in a glass of water, taken every morning will help you lose fat.
6. Replace sugar with honey – Sugar / sweetener can be replaced with honey wherever possible.
7. For Acne – three grams of margosa/neem powder or turmeric powder is mixed with three ml of honey and applied over the acne in sufficient quantity for fast relief.
8. Cinnamon and honey benefits – except these Honey, together with cinnamon has many benefits like wound healing, lowering serum creatinine levels and improved digestion.

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