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Jamun Benefits

Jamun is a important Ayurvedic herb. Jamun seeds are primarily used in Ayurveda treatment.

Jambu fruit Pic credits: Google
Pic credits: Google

Botanical Name: Syzigium cumini
Family: Myrtaceae
Part used: Fruit, seed, leaf, stem bark
Uses of Jamun:

For diabetes: The fruit and leaves are good for diabetes.
In the summer season, the sugar patient ought to eat jamun often due to its low glycemic index. It reduces frequent micturition found as a symptom in Diabetes.

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For fair skin: Jamun seeds are useful to treat acne.
Powder the jamun seeds and mix milk to it. Apply the paste in the night and wash it in the morning.
Regular application is useful in curing and treating of acne.

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To control dark spots: the paste of jamun seed powder, lemon juice, gram flour, few drops of almond oil and rose water, is prepared. Apply it on face and wash it when it dries off.

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It increases hemoglobin: The presence of iron in the black plum increases the hemoglobin count. The iron content acts as blood purifying agent

Treats ulcers: chew and eating of jamun leaves are good in treating ulcers

In aciditywhen it’s taken together with roast cumin powder and black salt.

Jamun juice is great for natural bowel movement.

Pulp of jambul is used as a treatment for bleeding gums

Regular consumption of jambul for two to four months helps people with problems of bleeding hemorrhoids considerably.

Decoction of jamun seeds is a wonderful home remedy to relieve fatigue and strain.

Seed powder is employed as a cure for digestive disorders, a wonderful home remedy for bloating.

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