Kushtantaka Taila

Kushtantaka Taila is  an ayurvedic taila formation which is used to treat Sarva Kushta (All varieties of skin diseases). Maharshi Atreya formulated Kushtantaka Taila.

The Contents —

  • Rasa (Parada)
  • Trikantha (Suryakantha + Chandrakantha + Ayaskantha)
  • Gandhaka
  • Tila taila
  • Nagavalli Rasa
  • Bakuchi Bija
  • Jala

The Indications —

  • Sarva Kushta — All varieties of Skin Diseases

Usage —

  • After a month collect it from heap of grains and administer internally along with Kalka early in the morning.
  • During the course of treatment advice to take only milk diet and avoid exercises and should have control over his mind.
  • Used both for internal as well as external purposes.

Reference —

Sahasra Yoga Taila Prakarana

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