Manjistha’s name translates to “bright red,” insinuating its strong affinity to the blood.

Botanical Name – Rubia cordifolia
Family Name – Rubiaceae
English Name – Indian Madder
Kannada Name — Rakta Manjisthe


Morphology –
Manjistha is a perennial climber. The plant itself is prickly and will often grow over other plants. The roots have a characteristically red colouring and the leaves are an ovate shape with distinctive veins running along their length. The flowers are small and a white-green colouring. The manjistha fruits are globular and a deep purple-black.


Health benefits –

  • Manjishta improves joint flexibility and stability.
  • Manjishta helps support the female reproductive system.
  • Manjishta is helpful to improve the gut health.
  • Manjishta helps maintain normal blood sugar levels in healthy people.
  • Manjishta helps support a healthy skin.
  • Manjishta helps to support a healthy heart.
  • Manjishta helps remove toxins from the body.
  • Manjishta helps maintain healthy functioning of immune system

Home remedies –

  • For dark spots and acne – Paste of Manjistha is mixed with water and applied uniformly. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash off using warm water.
  • Blood Purifier – The Decoction / Kashaya is helpful in purifying the blood.


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