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Mud Therapy: Benefits

My mum visited Nature cure hospital a few days back and she was telling about the various therapies they follow in which Mud Therapy was one. Now here I am writing about the benefits of it.


Mud is an important element of nature. It contains essential minerals, which have a positive effect on human health. It absorbs toxins from the human body and is very useful to prevent many diseases. It is also known for its healing properties. It also helps in cooling and relaxation of the body, as it can hold moisture for a long time.

Benefits of mud therapy are:

  • It relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation.
  • It increases the metabolism having a positive impact on digestion
  • It is useful under conditions of inflammation / swelling and relieves pain
  • It is a good hair conditioner and is good for the skin
  • It is useful in diseases which have symptoms of stiff joints
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Mud bath
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Why use mud therapy?

Of the five components of the universe mud (earth) has a central role. Even its shape and consistency can be changed with ease to change only by the water content, which is easy to use.

A mud pack is advantageous over a cold compress (cold therapy), because it retains the cold for an extended period. It is therefore advisable, if prolonged cold application is required. Finally, it is readily available and a cost-effective treatment option.

Mud therapy could be used in two forms:

Mud pack: This includes frequent use of packs with mud. It helps in skin color to enhance and acts on skin spots and stains, to reduce them.

Mud baths: This involves the application of a special kind of mud rich in natural salts and minerals all over the body (except head). Mud baths are useful in skin diseases such as psoriasis, urticaria, leucoderma etc.,

Mud pack:
Mud packs are used for topical application generally. The construct and use of a mudpack is similar for all applications vary from the thickness and size according to the usage.

  • To make a mud pack first soak mud 30 minutes in water. Now take a thin wet cotton cloth and apply slurry evenly on the cloth, a uniform thin layer of one-half to one inch thick to form. Fold all sides to make a compact package.

Mud pack for the eyes: Mud is soaked in water spread to make a half-inch thick layer. The package is 9 in X 6 in generally, enough to fully cover the eyes. It is kept for 20 to 30 minutes on the eyes. An eye mud pack helps the eyes in relaxation; especially good for techies.

Therapeutically, it reduces irritation, itching or other allergic diseases such as conjunctivitis and bleeding of the eyeball. It helps to correct refractive errors such as myopia and / hyperopia.

Mudpack for head: It is applied on the forehead and helps relieve pain and congestive headache.

Mud Pack for Face: Fine mud is used for the face and a smooth paste is first made with cold water. Evenly leave this paste on your face and let dry for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you have to thoroughly wash the face with cold water. It helps to improve in the complexion of the skin. In cases of acne, it helps absorbed by excess fat and toxins from the skin. It also helps, dark circles to reduce the eye.

Mudpack for Abdomen: The size of a mud pack for belly is usually 10 in X 6 in X 1 in adults. The mud pack should be applied for 20-30 minutes. An abdominal mud pack helps in indigestion. It stimulates peristalsis and is very helpful in decreasing intestinal heat.

Mud Bath method:
• First, the mud is prepared by soaking them in water.
• Then it is applied to the entire body in either sitting or lying down.
• It is ideally exposed to sunlight at least 45 to 60 minutes.
• Then the person is asked to bathe with warm water.

• Mud helps increasing blood circulation and energizing skin tissue. Regular mud baths can be considered as natural beauty treatment process, as it helps to improve skin and reduce stains and spots, possibly the result of a skin disorder such as chickenpox or smallpox. Mud baths is advised in many skin diseases such as urticarial, psoriasis, leprosy, leucoderma, and other skin allergic diseases.

The overuse of makeup applications can cause excessive drying of the skin, the therapeutic properties of mud helps in maintaining good health and radiant skin. In addition, the mud must be carefully chosen to obtain desired results and its quality must be ensured in order to avoid complications.


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