Mythological Origin of Diseases


When I was reading for my exams in which happened in October I did come across a few diseases which had mythological origins. So thought why not pen them down for you and let you know how the diseases came into their being as written or depicted in the scriptures.


So I will be starting off with:

Raja Yakshma i.e., Tuberculosis —

Here goes the story as explained in Charaka Samhitha Chikitsa Sthana 8th Chapter
As narrated by the Gods to the sages i:e passionate indulgence of sex by Chandra is said to be the prime factor for the manifestation of disease. King Chandra exceedingly attached to Rohini was reduced to the loss of unctuousness and his carelessness towards health causes the development of Rajayakshma. Further due to non-enjoyment with the rest of the daughters of Daksha Prajapati became furious and his anger came out of mouth in embodiment through expiration.

King Chandra married 28 daughters of Daksha Prajapati but unable to satisfy all except Rohini. Due to his discriminatory nature, filled up with rajas and debility leading to genesis of Rajayakshma. Being subdued by the excessive anger of Daksha, the Kind Chandra was depleted of his complexion.

The Lustreless Chandra went to refuge of the great accompanied by gods and godly sages. Being satisfied by about the good intentions of the moon, Daksha was pleased and as such he was treated by Ashvins, as a result King Chandra vitality was enhanced and became free from disease and attained complexion and purity of mind.

Krodha, Yakshma, Jvara and Roga are all synonyms and denote Dukha. It afflicted first King Chandra, hence termed as Rajayakshma.

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