Nisosiradi Taila

Nisosiradi Taila is an Ayurvedic Taila formulation which is used to treat Prameha Pitika (Diabetic carbuncles), Meha Roga.

The Shloka —

निशोशीरबलाक्वाथे तैलमेलादिकल्कितं |
सिद्धमभ्यङ्गयोगेन पिटिकामेहसूदनं ||

niśōśīrabalākvāthē tailamēlādikalkitaṁ |
siddhamabhyaṅgayōgēna piṭikāmēhasūdanaṁ ||

The Contents —

  • Eladi Gana
  • Tila Taila
  • Nisha — Cucurma longa
  • Ushira — Vetiveria zizanioides
  • Bala — Sida cordifolia

How to Use —

  • First, drain the pus from the boils and carbuncles. Then this oil is to be applied regularly.
  • Apply the oil for one hour and then wash off and completely dry the area.

The Benefits —

  • It helps reduces pain, swelling in the clusters of the boils.
  • It prevents recurrence of Diabetic carbuncles.

The Indications —

  • Prameha Pitika — Diabetic carbuncles
  • Meha roga

The Reference —

Sahasra Yoga Taila Prakarana 26

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