Sprouts: Health Benefits

Sprouts are the wonder food with high nutritious value. It ensures blood purification and increases/ strengthens the immune system.


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When I had gone to Naturopathy Hospital, the Doctor said that they are Medicines. So, the doctor includes sprouts to everyone who comes there.

Here is what he said are the benefits:
1. Has nutrients such as Vitamin E, iron, potassium, folic acid, Vitamin B3, zinc, Vitamin B2, magnesium, Vitamin C etc.,

2. Increases Hair growth — as Sprouts contains Vitamin C which promotes hair growth.

3. Boosts Blood Circulation — Improves Blood circulation and strengthens capillaries to get strong and thick hair

4. Rich in Vitamin A – The deficiency of Vitamin A leads to dry scalp which in turn may lead to hair loss.

5. Reduces Premature greying of hair – Sprouts have anti oxidants which prevent corrosion of tissues.

6. Increases Sebum production – Sprouts have zinc which help in sebum production.

7. Acts as an Anti Dandruff – the Selenium in sprouts help in warding off dandruff and helps removes the debris and helps in hair growth.

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8. Adds elasticity, shine and lustre to hair – Sprouts has omega acids which are vital for the nourishment of hair follicles.

9. Restores Vitality of Hair

10. Reduces Brittleness of Hair – The Biotin in the sprouts help to reduce brittleness of the hair.
11. Help enhance the glow of skin

12. Hydrates the skinVitamin B in Pea sprouts prevents excess sebum production and moisturises skin.

13. Helps in re generation of cell – Include sprouts daily in the diet to increase the process of healing and lightens the skin discoloration.

14. Stimulates Collagen Production – The Vitamin C in sprouts provides elasticity and gives a youthful skin

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15. Helps fighting acne – The Omega 3 fatty acids decrease the inflammation and reduces the risk of acne.

16. Detoxifies the system – Sprouts contain a nutrient named Silica which helps re build and re generate the skin’s connective tissue. And removes the toxins from the body

17. Prevents Premature ageing of skin – the Anti oxidants protect the skin from the effects of ageing

18. Protein House – these are good for diet even for the pregnant ladies too.

Reading the benefits of Sprouts do include it in your diet once or twice a week. Enjoy the bowl of Sprouts next time your Mum or any elder give you.

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