Sugarcane Juice Benefits

Sugarcane juice is probably the most popular and most common juice here in India. Let us know what their benefits are: 

Sugarcane juice Advantages:
Sugar cane juice is nutritious, it is a natural diuretic.
Sugar cane is cold in nature. Thus, sugar cane juice is one of the best natural cooling liquid beverages.
Sugar cane easily increases Kapha Dosha and soothes Pitta Dosha.

Sugar cane is rich in phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. It is extremely beneficial for rehydration because it not only cools the body but also energizes the body as it is a storehouse of useful carbohydrates and protein.

Sugar cane juice is ideal for those who
– Often suffer from burning sensations all over the body
– Who suffer from burning sensation when urinating
– have the Pitta body type and Vata body type.
– Who are tired due to excess sun exposure, during summer

When should sugar cane juice be taken?
The best time to take sugar cane juice is the afternoon when Pitta Dosha prevails. It is better to avoid it at night.

Listed below are the benefits of sugarcane juice:

Protect your Skin from Aging:
The presence of antioxidants, flavonoids makes sugarcane juice a good option to achieve glowing, soft and moisturized skin

Instant Energy Booster:
Sugarcane contains simple sugars (sucrose) that are easily absorbed by your body. These sugars are utilized to replenish the lost sugar levels in the body

Prevents bad breath and Tooth Decay:
Sugarcane contains a bunch of minerals, like Ca (calcium) and phosphorus, that help build your teeth enamel. The nutrients prevent decay and strengthen the teeth. Also, bad breath is another symptom of nutrient deficiency that sugarcane juice helps counter.

Facilitates development Of Bones And Teeth:
Sugarcane is a very rich source of Calcium which helps build the skeletal strength together with bones and teeth.

Cures Febrile Disorders:
Sugarcane juice is known to be very beneficial for curing instances of febrile disorders that are very common in growing children. Febrile disorders cause protein loss, thus making it a risk for the body and Sugarcane juice is known to restore this loss of protein.

Aids liver function:
Kamala (Jaundice) happens owing to poor function of the liver as well as blocked bile ducts. Being alkaline in nature, cane juice helps balance electrolyte in your body. Also sugar cane juice maintains the glucose levels within the body and ensures a fast recovery.

Act as a digestive tract:
If you suffer from digestive disorders, you need to take into consideration including cane juice in your diet for a stress-free and healthier life.
The potassium in cane juice helps balance the pH of the stomach and facilitates the secretion of digestive juices.

Treats Sore Throat:
If you are feeling a sudden itchiness or irritation in your throat, drink a glass of sugar cane juice with a touch of lime and black salt to soothe it. vitamin C is abundant in cane juice and is the main reason that makes it a good cure for headaches. Sugar cane is also a rich supply of antioxidants that repel any viral or bacterial infections.

Aids weight loss:
although it’s sweet, sugar cane juice can assist you shed some extra kilos. Sugar cane is known to cut back the bad cholesterol in our body, which is one amongst the main reason for weight gain. it’s also high in soluble fibers that help us to manage our weight.

Eliminates toxins from our body:
Having sugar cane juice on a daily basis helps in cleansing the body from harmful toxins and other foreign elements. It also boosts our metabolism. This detoxification gradually results in weight loss

Advantage in the treatment of UTI:
The wondrous cane juice helps in the health of the kidney and prevents the issues associated with urinary tract infections (UTI).

To use it for the treatment of UTI, take a glass of sugar cane juice mixed with lemon and coconut water twice on a daily basis. Sugarcane juice is known to boost the protein levels in the body. This prevents many kidney disorders such as stones, UTI. It also reduces the burning sensation accompanying these disturbances.

Increases muscle strength:
Drinking sugar cane juice twice daily is known to increase your muscle strength by providing a lot of needed glucose to the body

Reduces fever:
You may not know this, but cane juice is actually helpful in treating fever. Drinking sugar cane juice drinker can prevent protein loss, which can result in weakness and pain

Treats Acidity:
Since cane juice is alkaline in nature, it will soothe acid and burning in our stomach and intestines. It also helps the acid-base equilibrium in our body

Increases our immunity:
Sugar cane juice is abundantly filled with essential antioxidants that help in strengthening our immune system through multiple folds. They fight against variety of diseases, including the liver and the gastrointestinal system. These antioxidants also neutralize bilirubin levels in the body.

Here are some things you need to bear in mind:
• Drinking a glass of sugar cane juice on a roadside stall seems to be the best choice. However, when prepared in unhygienic conditions, it will result in diarrhea. Sugar cane juice is considered the best breeding ground for microorganisms.
• Never drink cane juice that has been outside of the refrigerator for over 15 minutes since it can have adverse effects on your stomach and intestines.

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