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Triphaladi Ghrita (Bindu Ghrita)

Triphaladi Ghrita (Bindu Ghrita) is an ayurvedic herbal ghee formulation useful to treat Twagdosha (Skin disorders), Kandu (Itching), Pama (Scabies), Twachya (Enchances the glow and lustre of skin).

The contents —

  1.  Kampillaka — Mallotus philippensis
  2.  Snuhi Kshira — Euphorbia neerifolia
  3.  Arka Kshira — Calopteris procera
  4.  Go ghrita
  5.  Triphala Qwath
  6.  Trivrit Qwath

The Indications —

  • Twagdosha
  • Kandu
  • Pama
  • Twachya

Reference —

Sahasrayoga Ghrita Prakarana

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