Vibhitaki — Benefits

Vibhitaki means the fruit that takes away the fear of disease.


Botanical Name – Terminalia bellerica
Family Name – Combretaceae
English Name – Belleric myrobalan; Bastard myrobalan

Morphology –

It is a large deciduous tree found throughout the Indian forest and plains. Leaves are petiolate, broadly elliptic, clustered towards the end of branches.. Flowers are greenish yellow, simple, in axillary spikes with offensive odour. Calyx lobes are pubescent outside. The fruits are green and inflated when young and yellowish and shrink (nearly seen as ribbed) when mature. The nut is stony.

Health Benefits –

  • Vibhitaki helps improve the joint flexibility and stability
  • Vibhitaki helps support healthy eyes.
  • Vibhitaki helps support a healthy respiratory system.
  • Vibhitaki helps to support and maintain weight
  • Vibhitaki helps maintain normal blood sugar levels in healthy people.
  • Vibhitaki helps support a healthy hair


Home remedies of Vibhitaki —

  • For Acne — Take Vibhitaki powder and boiled water, make a paste and apply it on acne. Wash it off after 10 minutes.
  • For cough and cold —  Take half a teaspoon of Vibhitaki powder mixed with honey.
  • For sore throat — For sore throat take a Vibhitaki and if you pound on it using a stone you will find a single seed inside, remove it . Now take one of the broken shell and suck on it.
  • For minor rashes — take a small piece of Vibhitaki and rub it on a stone along with little water to get a smooth paste. Apply it on the skin and wash off after 10 minutes.
  • For constipation — To make churna take 2-5 gm of Baheda tree fruits, 1-2 cloves and grind them well and add 1 teaspoon of honey, take this does three to four times a day.

Physical and chemical properties of Vibhitaki –-

  1. Taste – Astringent
  2. Quality – Dry; Light to digest
  3. Potency – Hot
  4. Post Digestive effect – Sweet


How to consume the herb –

  • Powder – 3 – 6 grams in divided doses