Anal Itching (Pruritus ani)

Anal itching is a common condition. The itch, situated in or around your anus, is often intense and may be accompanied by a strong urge to scratch. You may find anal itching to be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Also called pruritus ani, anal itching has many possible causes, such as skin problems, hemorrhoids, and washing too much or not enough.

The symptoms —

Anal itching may be associated with redness, burning and soreness. The itching and irritation may be temporary or more persistent, depending on the cause.

The Causes —

Sometimes the cause of anal itching isn’t identifiable. Possible causes of anal itching include:

  • Irritants. Fecal incontinence and long-term (chronic) diarrhea can irritate the skin. Or your skin care routine may include products or behaviors that irritate the skin, such as using harsh soaps or moist wipes and washing too aggressively.
  • Infections. These include sexually transmitted infections, pinworms, and yeast infections.
  • Skin conditions. Sometimes anal itching is the result of a specific skin condition, such as psoriasis or contact dermatitis.
  • Other medical conditions. These include diabetes, thyroid disease, hemorrhoids, anal tumors.

Treatment Principle —

  • Kandughna Oushadhas
  • Kaphahara Oushadhas
  • Krimi Chikitsa
  • Rakta Prasadana Oushadhas

Kashayam —

Gulika —

  • Kaishora Guggulu
  • Kankayana Vati
  • Pancha nimbadi gulika
  • Krimighna Vati

Lehyam —

Aasava/ Arishtam (Except Diabetes Mellitus, Liver Disease conditions)

  • Chitrakasavam
  • Khadirarishtam
  • Aragvadarishtam
  • Nimbamrta Aasavam
  • Vidangarishtam

External Application —

  • Pippalyadi Tailam
  • Washing with water boiled by adding Triphala Churna
  • Kandughna Tailam Pichu
  • Nimba Tailam Pichu
  • Maintaining proper hygiene should be advised to the patient.
  • Underwear has to be changed regularly and cotton underwear should be preferred.

Reference —

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