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Brihadvasavalehya is an ayurvedic herbal jam which is used in the treatment of Cough, asthma, bronchitis, pain abdomen, bleeding disorders and fever. It acts as broncho – dilator and antimicrobial. The Aswin twins formulated this drug.

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Patrangasava is widely used for the treatment of gynecological problems such as menorrhagia (heavy bleeding at menstruation) and amenorrhea (absence of menstruation). And is helpful in reducing the symptoms of leucorrhea such as itching and burning sensation in the vagina. It is used as a uterine tonic (used for female reproductive health) due to which it is helpful in the treatment of gynecological problems.

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Punarnavasava is an Ayurvedic Medicine in the category of Asava. Punarnavasava is specially used for acid peptic disorders, abdominal lump, abdominal diseases, inflammatory diseases, spleen disorders, liver disorders, heart diseases and kidney diseases. The overall action appears on the edema and inflammation. According to Bhaishajya Ratnavali, it can be very helpful to treat and manage the diseases that are considered difficult to cure.

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Kushmanda Rasayana

Kushmanda Rasayana is an ayurvedic supplement that provides nourishment and strength to the body. It used to treat Kasa (Cough), Kshata Kshaya (Chest wound), Swasa (Chronic Respiratory Diseases), Extreme weight loss, Rakta Pitta (Bleeding disorder)

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Amritarishta or Amrutarishta is an Ayurvedic medicine in liquid form is used in the treatment of chronic fever, typhoid fever, and other infectious diseases. It is natural immunity booster and increases non-specific immunity. It helps the body to fight off bacterial as well as viral infections.

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