Headache — The cause & how to ease them

Destiny, you may believe, is what leads you to fall in love with a particular person or to become an artist or animal-rights activist. But could destiny determine the type of headache you get—for instance, tension headaches that feel like you’re squeezed into a child-sized helmet…migraines that feel like a knife in the eye…or sinus headaches that make it too painful to bend over?

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Ksheerabala Taila

Ksheerabala Taila is an ayurvedic taila formulation which is used to treat 80 types of Vata roga (All the disorders caused due to the imbalance of Vata).

Ksheerabala Taila gives relief from inflammation, pain and stiffness caused in the musculoskeletal system, it helps repair the damaged tissue and provides nourishment to the brain, nerves and the spinal structures.

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