Abdominal tumour


Bahusalagulam is also known as Bahushala Guda or  Bahushala Gudam. This is a lehya (jam) preparation used in treating abdominal tumors, diabetes, Anemia, Jaundice, all types of piles, etc…Bahusalagulam is considered as one of the best formulations for all types of Piles. It is said that one who consumes Bahusalagulam regularly can live 100 years without any diseases. It also acts as medhya (boosts intellect) and Rasayana (rejuvenator).

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Prabhanjana Vimardana Taila

Prabhanjana Vimardana Taila is an ayurvedic taila formulation which is used to treat 80 types of Vata Roga which includes Backache, abdominal pain, Cramps etc., It is used as Abhyanga i.e., external application; Pana, Gandusha and Vasti.

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