Manibhadra Guda

Manibhadra Guda is a lehya, a semisolid preparation of drugs prepared with the addition of jaggery, sugar or sugar candy. It is named after a Yaksha Manibhadra who formulated it. Manibhadra Guda is used in Kushta (Skin diseases), Switra (Vitiligo), Swasa (Asthma), Kasa (Cough), Udara (Abdominal diseases), Arshas (piles), Meha, Pleeha (Splenomegaly), Krimi, Gulma (Tumors).

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Khadirarishta is an ayurvedic formulation prepared using ancient ayurvedic fermentation technique. The main effect of Khadirarishta is observed on blood, skin and intestine. It is beneficial in skin diseases, blood disorders, intestinal worms, splenomegaly, urticaria, gout, herpes, wounds, tumors, etc.

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Chapter 38 – Galaganda – Gandamala – Apachi – Granthi – Arbuda Nidanam

The 38th chapter of Madhava Nidana is Galaganda – Gandamala – Apachi – Granthi – Arbuda Nidanam which deals with Cervical Lymphadenoma, Scrofula – Tumors, Cancer.

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