Vata Vyadhi


Dashamularishta is a specific combination of herbs that cools the body, strengthens and nourishes the tissue. The primary contents help to restore feminine hormone balance, calm the nerves, and sooth digestive processes, and reduce inflammation. It is a liver and a kidney tonic. It is commonly used after delivery for the prevention of postpartum problems …

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Sarvamayantaka Ghrita

Sarvamayantaka Ghrita is an ayurvedic herbal ghee formulation which is used in treating Shirokampa, Manyastambha (cervical spondylosis), Pakshaghata (hemiplegia), Ardita (Bell’s palsy), 20 types of Kapha roga, 40 types of Pitta Roga, and 80 types of Vata Roga etc,.

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Sukumara Ghrita

Sukumara Ghrita is a herbal ayurvedic ghee is used to treat Stree Roga (Gynecological Problems), Artava Dosha (Menstrual problems), Vandhytva (Infertility), Vibandha (constipation) etc.,

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