Nausea is stomach discomfort and the sensation of wanting to vomit. Nausea can be a precursor to vomiting the contents of the stomach. It is an unpleasant feeling which includes vague discomfort, dizziness and unwillingness to eat.

  • Some of the drugs like opium analgesics and chemotherapy can cause Nausea.
  • If it is associated with with aversion towards food, check serum bilirubin to rule out Jaundice.
  • If it is associated with stomach ache, check Amylase and Lipase.
  • In case of diabetic patients, check Blood urea, Creatinine level.
  • In young women, rule out pregnancy.

Treatment —

  • Chardi Chikitsa
  • Vata Anulomana
  • Agni dipana
  • Ruchya Oushadhas

Kashayam —

  • Vilvadi kashayam
  • Nayopayam Kashayam
  • Bhadradi kashayam
  • Chiravilvadi Kashayam
  • Gandharva hastadi kashayam
  • Bala Jirakadi Kashayam

Churnam —

  • Ashta Churna
  • Vaishvanara Churna
  • Hinguvashtaka Churna

Gulika —

  • Dhanvantara Gulika
  • Hinguvachadi Gulika

Lehyam —

  • Nayopayam lehyam
  • Matulunga Rasayanam
  • Maha vilvadi lehyam
  • Vilvadi lehyam
  • Ardraka Rasayanam

Aasavam/ Arishtam —

Virechanam —

  • Kalyanaka Gudam
  • Trivrt Lehyam

Pathya Apathya —

  • Light easily digestible, non oily food.
  • Buttermilk & Pomegranate juice can be given.

Reference —

Principles & Practice of Ayurvedic Clinical Medicine

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