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Chapter 29 – Hrdroga Nidanam

The 29th chapter of Madhava Nidana deals with Hrdroga Nidanam i.e., 
Diseases of the heart. 

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Chapter 28 — Gulma Nidana

The 28th Chapter of Madhava Nidana is Gulma nidana which deals with
Abdominal Tumors.

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Chapter 27 — Udavartadi Nidanam

The 27th chapter of Madhava Nidana deals with Udavartadi Nidanam
which is Reverse Peristalsis and the like.

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Chapter 26 – Shula, Parinama Shula, Annadrava shula

The 26th chapter of Madhava Nidana deals with Shula, Parinama Shula, 
Annadrava shula which is Colic and Peptic ulcers. 

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Chapter 25 — Aamavata Nidana

The 25th chapter of Madhava Nidana deals with Amavata Nidana which is  the diagnosis of Rheumatism.

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