Guduchi – Benefits

Acharya Charaka in his Charaka Samhitha has mentioned Guduchi as Medhya Rasayana, a mental rejuvenator. It is of great benefit in treating Fever, Anemia, Jaundice, Urinary tract disorders, Asthma etc

It helps in the functioning of the healthy immune system by maintaining sufficient levels of WBC and helps reducing stress.

The Botanical Name –

Tinospora cordifolia

Family –


Acharya Charaka has mentioned that it helps in stimulating digestion and helps in alleviating kapha and Vata dosha. It is also helpful to cure constipation and bleeding disorders.

Health Benefits —
  1. Guduchi along with Castor oil reduces Gout.
  2. Together with Ginger it is used  to treat rheumatoid arthritis.
  3. equally, it can be used with Jaggery to reduce constipation.
  4. Likewise, it removes toxins from the Kidney and Liver.
  5. It increases the count of your blood platelets and alleviates symptoms of dengue fever as well.
  6. Furthermore , It helps in boosting digestion. Take half a gram of Guduchi powder along with some amla regularly.
  7. Guduchi juice with buttermilk helps in reducing Piles.
  8. Similarly, It helps in lowering the levels of blood pressure and high levels of blood sugar.
  9. It helps boost memory.
  10. It reduces the blood urea level and helps in getting rid of renal calculi.
  11. Guduchi juice coupled with cow’s milk becomes useful in combating leucorrhea.
  12. Guduchi juice and  cumin seeds is used for consumption to reduce the burning sensation caused due to pitta.
  13. Fresh juice of guduchi (10 ml) has to be mixed with equal quantity of honey. Consuming this mixture in empty stomach in morning help to reduce productive cough.
  14. Crush few guduchi leaves and extract the juice. Mix it with pure ghee. Consuming this in empty stomach helps to reduce joint pains which arise due to arthritis of various kind.

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