Hot water Drinking Benefits

Drinking hot water is one among the excellent habits that suits most of the people. It’s notably helpful during the night.

Advantages of hot water –

Drinking hot water at night time is helpful in diseases like Kapha related diseases, amavata (compared with rheumatic arthritis), reduces fat deposits within the body, cleans the bladder, helpful in treating cough and other respiratory diseases and fever.

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boy drinking a glass of water
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How does Hot water work?
  • According to Ayurveda, the blockade of the various body canal, large and minute is caused by the unbalanced doshas, one of the main causes of sickness manifestation.
  • It avoids blockage and clears the blockade to an extent. Therefore helps in the prevention and / or treatment of diseases.
Hot water health advantages –
  • In fact, it helps to boost digestion and alleviate digestive disorders.
  • In due time, drinking it before getting to bed is a wonderful remedy to clear-coated tongue
  • Assists in the treatment of cold, cough, respiratory infections, asthma, allergic diseases, etc.
  • Helps reduce the frequency of recurrent cold seizures particularly in children.
  • It is an excellent sore throat remedy.
  • Notably, drinking a spoon of honey with a glass of water is usually recommended in obesity treatment.
  • It avoids fat absorption to an extent.
  • Cleanses bladder. 
  • Assists in the treatment of fever.
  • Highly recommended in cases of rheumatoid arthritis.
Some precautions — 
  • Drinking it regularly isn’t advisable if you regularly suffer from heat and burning (Pitta body type)
  • In cases of disease state, it cannot be the only answer. Medications are needed in most cases.

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