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Dengue: Food to include in diet

My friend from Delhi called up frantically to say that there is a spread of Dengue there. And patients are asking what to eat so that they get recovered very soon.

An Aedes mosquito which spreads Dengue Image source --
An Aedes mosquito which spreads Dengue
Image source — /28653629@N06/

So I thought why not give a list of food diet you can include which help combat the symptoms.

Here goes the list:

1. Orange – is a store house of Vitamin C and full of nutrients and vitamins. The High fiber content helps in combating indigestion.

Orange Juice Image source --
                                                                                    Orange Juice
                                                                                          Image source/helter-skelter/

2. Papaya – Crush a few papaya leaves and strain out the juice. It has been said it triggers faster production of Platelets in blood.

Papaya Tree Image source -
                                                                                Papaya Tree
                                                                      Image source/mazzarello/

3. Avoid Oily Food – As it is difficult to digest it is better to be avoided.

Oily Foods Image source -
                                                                                         Oily Foods
                                                                       Image source/119765447@N08/

4. Ginger teaGinger has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties which help in reducing symptoms.

Ginger tea Image source -
                                      Ginger tea
                  Image source – /46201732@N06/

5. Coconut Water – is a natural source of electrolytes and essential minerals. Drinking it will help regulate fluid levels in the body.

Coconut Water Image source --
                                                                            Coconut Water
                                                             Image source/thelivingpress/

6. Vegetable Juices – like Cucumber, Carrot, and other leafy vegetables have plenty of essential minerals and vitamins which boost immunity.

Organic Raw Carrot Juice Image source -
Organic Raw Carrot Juice
Image source/97092379@N04/

7. Soups – Vegetable soups induce hunger and relieve joint pains.

Image source -
                                                                       Image source/13136598@N08/

8. Fruit JuicesVitamin C helps in boosting immunity so it is advised to drink Orange, pineapple, Guava etc.,

Fruit Juices Image source -
                                                                                             Fruit Juices
                                                                           Image source/129445997@N02/
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