Hemagarbha Pottali Rasa

The Pottali rasayana is a unique preparation in Ayurveda as it is very compact in structure and quick acting due to its high potency. Hemagarbha pottali rasa is a medicine which is known as emergency medicine of Ras shastra because of its efficacy and its quick effect in condition like Rajayakshma (Tuberculosis).

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Ratnagarbhapottali Rasa

Rasagarbhapottali Rasa certainly cures Tuberculosis. This is a Yogavahi drug. Taken along with different anupanas this medicine can cure all the eight types of Maha Rogas including Vata, Ashmari, Kushta, Prameha (Obstinate Urinary diseases including diabetes), problems of Gastrointestinal tract, Bhagandara, Piles and Sangrahani. It also checks cases of Asthma, Kasa (Coughs) and Diarrhea.

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Lakshmivilasa Rasa (Kase)

Lakshmivilasa Rasa has been prepared by Sri Mahadevaji. Given along with different Anupanas, this medicine can cure diseases like Tuberculosis, Kasa, Asthma, Fever, Halimaka, Pandu, Shotha, Shoola, Prameha (i.e. urinary disorders including diabetes) and Arsha. It also provides aphrodisiac power. It gives relief from morbid thirst and anorexia.

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