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Acne Scars: Ways to get rid of them

Acne, the most dreaded nightmare of all the girls and mine too. And if it leaves behind a scar then the whole world becomes upside down and many tend to try all the remedies which are there. Continue reading Acne Scars: Ways to get rid of them

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Sugarcane Juice Benefits

Sugarcane juice is probably the most popular and most common juice here in India. Let us know what their benefits are:  Continue reading Sugarcane Juice Benefits

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Benefits of Buttermilk

My Grand mom used to say Nectar is for gods and goddesses, buttermilk is for humans. Called Takra in Sanskrit and Ayurveda it has many benefits. Continue reading Benefits of Buttermilk

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Hot water Drinking Benefits

Drinking hot water is one among the excellent habits that suits most of the people. It’s notably helpful during the night. Continue reading Hot water Drinking Benefits

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Depression according to me is a subjective experience where everyone has their own story to tell. It’s intriguing that you never know what next they are holding on to and what for.

You feel a void resulting in losing purpose in life , it is a constant struggle of moving ahead in life and wanting to end it.

So much for the description., Let us see how Depression is getting affected, reason, and how to handle it.

Continue reading Depression