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Pineapple Juice: Benefits

Pineapple juice has all the nutrients needed for the body in abundance. It has an enzyme, Bromelain and Vitamin C in abundance which helps in recondition the body. Continue reading Pineapple Juice: Benefits

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Betel Leaves: Benefits

It is a habit of many Indians to eat Betel Nut after a meal or more so now as an addiction to many. Betel Leaves are the store house of many medicinal properties and is recommended by many Ayurveda Practitioners. Continue reading Betel Leaves: Benefits

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Sprouts: Health Benefits

Sprouts are the wonder food with high nutritious value. It ensures blood purification and increases/ strengthens the immune system.


Continue reading Sprouts: Health Benefits

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Coconut Oil: Uses, Health Benefits

As a mangalorean, we use Coconut oil almost every day in cooking and application externally. It has antioxidant, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

Continue reading Coconut Oil: Uses, Health Benefits

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Dengue: Food to include in diet

My friend from Delhi called up frantically to say that there is a spread of Dengue there. And patients are asking what to eat so that they get recovered very soon.

An Aedes mosquito which spreads Dengue Image source --
An Aedes mosquito which spreads Dengue
Image source — /28653629@N06/

So I thought why not give a list of food diet you can include which help combat the symptoms.

Here goes the list:

1. Orange – is a store house of Vitamin C and full of nutrients and vitamins. The High fiber content helps in combating indigestion.

Orange Juice Image source --
                                                                                    Orange Juice
                                                                                          Image source/helter-skelter/

2. Papaya – Crush a few papaya leaves and strain out the juice. It has been said it triggers faster production of Platelets in blood.

Papaya Tree Image source -
                                                                                Papaya Tree
                                                                      Image source/mazzarello/

3. Avoid Oily Food – As it is difficult to digest it is better to be avoided.

Oily Foods Image source -
                                                                                         Oily Foods
                                                                       Image source/119765447@N08/

4. Ginger teaGinger has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties which help in reducing symptoms.

Ginger tea Image source -
                                      Ginger tea
                  Image source – /46201732@N06/

5. Coconut Water – is a natural source of electrolytes and essential minerals. Drinking it will help regulate fluid levels in the body.

Coconut Water Image source --
                                                                            Coconut Water
                                                             Image source/thelivingpress/

6. Vegetable Juices – like Cucumber, Carrot, and other leafy vegetables have plenty of essential minerals and vitamins which boost immunity.

Organic Raw Carrot Juice Image source -
Organic Raw Carrot Juice
Image source/97092379@N04/

7. Soups – Vegetable soups induce hunger and relieve joint pains.

Image source -
                                                                       Image source/13136598@N08/

8. Fruit JuicesVitamin C helps in boosting immunity so it is advised to drink Orange, pineapple, Guava etc.,

Fruit Juices Image source -
                                                                                             Fruit Juices
                                                                           Image source/129445997@N02/